Monday, January 10, 2011

A wasted day.....well maybe not..

School was suppose to start back for me today, due to the threat of bad weather it was canceled. The kids are also out. My son is sitting in here with me on his iPod racing cars while I am updating my blog with my iPad. While I am thankful for an extra day to rest, I am ready to get back in school and get into a routine. If anyone out there is a mother who has returned to school, you know it is an adjustment for everyone. With each new semester comes a new schedule. This means getting everyone use to me coming in late (thank goodness this semester I only have one night class and the rest of the week I will be home when the kids are). Anyway, we had no bad weather. We waited alllllll day for snow that never came. A little ice on the trees, but that is melting away already. My daughter is taking advantage and sleeping in, and when she wakes we will have breakfast and just hang out the rest of the day.
Look for craft projects and videos soon. I have some things in the works. Enjoy you day....

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