Monday, January 3, 2011

Cricut Cake Mini

So, I received the Cricut Cake Mini for Christmas. What great timing? There are so many birthday's in my family in January. First off there is my AMAZING grandma's birthday this week. I can't even begin to tell you how wonderful she is. I made her this cake yesterday. It is a modge podge of cricut cakeness. I was playing around with different cuts. Nevertheless, it turned out pretty cute. I added lots of purple icing around the bottom of the cake. Fondant is not the best tasting creation ever invented, so I added the extra icing to make the cake taste really good. My favorite part of a birthday cake is the icing.
As for a review of the cake mini, I LOVE IT!! It really works well. The cuts were nice and exact. I do think next time I will lower my pressure, but other than that I had no problems. You just roll out your fondant (quickly-this stuff really dries fast), crisco your mat, lay out your fondant on the mat, and cut away......I am really glad that I started out with the mini cake version. I don't see that I will need the bigger one. I got mine at the black Friday sale at Joann's. Well worth the money!
It was so Yummy!!

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