Thursday, February 16, 2012

Sick of being sick.......

This cold/strep has run its course through my house. My husband and son have finally recovered after having it for over two weeks. My daughter is sick now with major ear infection and sinus infection. I had shots last Monday and was back in the Dr.'s office this Tuesday, by Friday it had returned with a vengence. I sit at 1:00am posting on my blog because the Z-Pac I am on has me wired to the gills. The nonstop coughing isn't helping. I decided the best move to make was to remove myself from the bed and head to the craft room. No need in keeping hubby up my my wiggling and coughing!! Sickness please go away and never return!!!!!!!!

On to crafty info. Right now I am stalking Amazon for Becky Higgins Project Life items to return to stock. I ordered a few page protectors last week but most were out of stock. I want to purchase some of the kits also, but waiting to place one big order. I am soooo very far behind on my scrapbooking. I understand that the premise behind PL is to take pictures daily and complete your weekly life in a scrapbook, and after a year have a full year of scrapbook goodness. My take will be somewhat different. I need to go back several and I do mean several years to catch up. I will use PL to help me accomplish this. I love the whole concept behind it and can see it working for me. I am thinking I will have 2 PL projects in the works at one time. The old and the new. This should help me stay current while working on the process of catching up. If you haven't seen the concept of Project Life you can check it out on her website as well as on YouTube and amazon. I know that it has been out for some time, but our life is just calming down to the point that I can craft again. (Can you say sleepless night scrapping!) Must not have mentioned that I already suffer insomnia.

Hope your all sleeping soundly at this hour and that you and your loved ones are well. Guess I should say that I live in the South. Our Winter has been so strange. Last year was amazingly cold and we had snow. This year it has been 30/40 and rainy followed by a week of high 60's. How are you suppose to stay well when you deal with that?

Sweet Dreams