Sunday, April 4, 2010

HaPpY EaStEr!!!!

Hope everyone had a great day. We have been completely lazy today. Spent some time w/ the many critters and just plain lounged around the house.
I love Easter. It is my favorite holiday of all!! I love the colors, chicks, bunnies, and the candy....My two favoirte candies are available during this time. The top on my list are the robin eggs...YUMMY!!!
I was going to do the baskets last night, but fell asleep. I jumped up early this morning while the house was still calm and quite and fixed them up. I also made cute little cards to go with each of them. The kids were super excited when they woke. I had told them they were getting to old for Easter. (that's never gonna happen!!)   Just Noticed the card was up-side down in the picture..I don't think he noticed LOL
Enjoy the rest of your day! I hear a nap calling my name...


  1. Thanks!! I enjoy making baskets at Easter as much I as do shopping during Christmas...