Friday, February 12, 2010

My hats off to ya!!!

For all of you who design blogs, I am amazed. I have worked on this blog for 3 days trying to revamp it.. I finally have it just like I want it. Ok and a big headache to add to that. I was adding a post divider and each time I would view blog, the divider would be way too long and cut off half my image. I revamped and revamped and still it would not work......HELLO!! hit save..that did the trick. If I ever decide to update my other blog, it will be so much easier. I downloaded my background image from the cutest blog on the block. All other elements of the blog were created by me in photoshop.
I did have lots of help along the way...Below is a list of sites I visited for tutorials. They were so straight forward and easy to follow. Just remember to save as you go! A lesson learned the hard way.
I did enjoy the process and I learned alot. I'm glad I tackled this project. Now to go tackle all my school work.

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